Main Features

  • In-field configuration & firmware update of our devices like Pegasus™ Nx, Griffon™ Control Panel, iGuard™, among others;
  • Plug-n-play functionality;
  • Internal 2GB micro SD card;
  • USB 2.0;
  • User-friendly interface through in-built LCD display and two buttons;
  • Do not require any external power supply or battery;
  • 2x status LEDs.


The 3i USB Dongle, when connected to the host device, allows the visualization of various crucial information like:

  • Firmware versions of the connected device, the GSM modem and the Wi-Fi module;
  • GSM signal level;
  • Zeus™ Nx Server connectivity status;
  • Serial number of the connected device, etc.

It also allows the quick configuration and firmware update of the connected device.