Nowadays the methods used to commit thefts and intrusions are becoming more sophisticated and those who practice it are specialized in bypass the current systems. As it is essential to be ahead of them, we created Griffon, a Fire and Intrusion Alarm System which is the most advanced, flexible, expandable and connected in the world. The Griffon also opens a new era of fully connected and intelligent alarm panels, prepared for the “Internet of Things” revolution. Being much more than a simple fire and intrusion alarm system, the Griffon is suitable for applications such as building and home automation, access control and beyond.

The Griffon™ Control Panel is the world’s most advanced fire and intrusion alarm panel.

With unique features such as countless onboard communication options (telephone line, GSM/GPRS with option to 3G migration, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and SMS), ultra-reliable communication bus (based on the CAN technology) found in automobiles, aircrafts and military systems, highly advanced and flexible task scheduler, microphone input and 20W speaker output, and almost unlimited possibility of expansion of the system through several multifunctional modules. It also offers the convenience of Griffon Mobile App (for Android and iOS) and IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System), which allows users to interact with Griffon from a mobile.


  • High performance 32-bit ARM microcontroller;
  • Ultra-reliable encrypted CAN 2.0 communication bus with 2 speeds: fast and ultra-fast;
  • 16/32 zones, 3 PGMs;
  • Wired smoke detectors input;
  • Supports up to 128 zones, 32 PGMs, 32 expansion modules, 16 partitions, 10 installers, 989 users, 16 zone groups, 8 partition groups, 16 user groups and 64 programmable actions;
  • Allows control through Griffon Mobile App (for Android and iOS) for system remote activation and deactivation, zone bypassing and PGM control;
  • IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) that allows system remote activation and deactivation, zone bypassing, PGM control and audio listening through any telephone device;
  • Supports up to 32 Keyfobs for system activation and deactivation, PGM control, panic alarm, programmable actions execution, etc;
  • Supports sophisticated operations related to zones such as automatic cancellation, pulse counter, among others;
  • Supports expansion modules: EM 16 Zones, EM 4 PGM (Relay), EM 6 PGM (SSR), EM Analog and EM Access;
  • Supports Bridge Modules for communication with expansion modules and keypads through Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks;
  • Supports direct switch between STAY, AWAY and SLEEP arming methods;
  • User access control mechanisms using RFID, NFC, Iris, Keyfob and PIN code;
  • Supports analog Zones and PGMs;
  • Graphic LCD display that allows the monitoring of the alarm panel operation on field and in real-time;
  • High capacity internal SD-Card: Stores up to 10,000 events and 10,000 occurrences;
  • Local audio recording/playback and two-way voice communication via GSM and Telephone line;
  • Microphone input;
  • 20W speaker output;
  • Supervised onboard temperature detection;
  • Accelerometer for movement and impact detection;
  • Communication with up to 2 Zeus servers (Dual-Monitoring), with up to 4 addresses per server;
  • Communication with the Monitoring Station by GSM/GPRS (2x SIM-Cards), Ethernet (static IP or DHCP), Wi-Fi (up to 2 access points), telephone line and SMS;
  • 256-bit Encrypted Communication;
  • Supports TCP and UDP;
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Interface;
  • 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi Interface;
  • 2 Monitoring Stations with up to 4 telephone numbers per Station;
  • Alternating Current Power Supply (95-240VAC);
  • Auxiliary Output: 12VDC/1.5A;
  • Bell Output: 12VDC/1.1A;
  • Supports up to 2 Lead Acid Batteries (2x 12VDC/7Ah);
  • Real-Time Geographical Location via 3i Locate;
  • Tamper Switch Input;
  • Quad-band GSM modem with jammer detection and support to 2 SIM-Cards (with option to 3G modem);
  • Local (USB) and remote (Ethernet/GPRS/Wi-Fi) firmware/ configuration update;
  • Telephone Line (PSTN):
    - Supports DTMF and Pulse dialing;
    - Supports Contact-ID and SIA Protocols;
  • PSTN Modem based on hardware: Guarantees greater speed, reliability and compatibility worldwide; different from other alarm panels that use modems based in software (soft-modems).

The Griffon™ Keypad is built for those who seek elegance, modern design, durability and easy operation, through a completely innovative user interface based on icons and intuitive menus.


  • High performance 32-bit ARM microcontroller;
  • Capacitive touchpad;
  • Friendly interface for users and installers;
  • High resolution graphical display;
  • Adjustable display and touchpad backlights;
  • Supports up to 13 configurable macro function keys;
  • 4 Emergency buttons: Panic, Auxiliary, Fire and Duress;
  • 2/4 Zones and 1 PGM output;
  • 3-axis accelerometer to detect impact and movement;
  • Supervised onboard temperature sensor;
  • User access control mechanisms using RFID,NFC and PIN code;
  • Multiple arming methods;
  • Allows total control and monitoring of multiple partitions simultaneously;
  • High capacity internal SD-Card;
  • Audio recording and playback;
  • Local audio message box;
  • Internal Tamper Switch;
  • "Plug & Play" Connectivity and Encrypted Communication.

Expansion Modules have a rugged hardware specially designed to expand the Griffon™ Control Panel capabilities, by adding zones, outputs and access-control options.


  • High performance 32-bit ARM microcontroller;
  • Local and remote Firmware update;
  • Status indicator LEDs;
  • Internal tamper switch;
  • Internal watchdog;
  • Protection enclosure



  • 8/16 Zones;
  • 2 Open-Collector PGM outputs.


  • 6 Solid-State Relay (SSR);
  • 2 Relay PGM outputs;
  • 2/4 Zones.

EM 4 PGM (Relay)

  • 4 Relay PGM outputs;
  • 2/4 Zones.


The EM-Analog module allows the Griffon Control Panel integration with analog systems such as thermostats, dimmers, among others, and its association with actions that will be executed according to the configured conditions.

  • 8 Analog Inputs;
  • 2 Analog Outputs.


The EM-Access module adds the access control functionality to the Griffon Control Panel.

  • 2 Wiegand Inputs;
  • RS-232/RS-485 Interface;
  • 2/4 Zones;
  • 1 Relay PGM Output;
  • 1 Open-Collector PGM Output;
  • Onboard Keyfob Receiver.

Bridge Modules are extremely compact devices that work in Master-Slave topology allowing the connection of expansion modules (zones, PGM outputs, keypads, etc.) via Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks.


  • High performance 32-bit ARM microcontroller;
  • Compact Protection Enclosure (67*36*35mm);
  • Remote Firmware update;
  • Internal Tamper Switch;
  • Status LEDs;
  • Encrypted Communication;
  • Internal Watchdog


  • BM ETHERNET (10/100 Mbps)
  • BM Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)

System Architecture

The Griffon Mobile App is a free application for the Android and iOS platforms that allows remote access to the Griffon Control Panel. With an intuitive and modern interface, the application allows the user to execute various operations, such as:

  • Monitoring and control (arm and disarm) of multiple partitions;
  • Monitoring and control (bypass) of zones;
  • Monitoring and control (activation and deactivation) of PGM outputs;
  • Monitoring of system issues (Troubles).