Main Features

  • Low power microcontroller;
  • 4 function-configurable buttons;
  • Single coin battery;
  • Modern design, with vivid colors;
  • Long-range RF operation;
  • Low battery indication;
  • Durable, removable buttons;
  • Compact design: 44*34*12mm.

Standard Button Functions

  • Stay Arming

    When pressed, this button arms the system in Stay Mode. It arms perimeter zones like windows, door contacts, but the interior zones remains inactive, allowing you to stay in the premises without trigger an alarm.

  • Away Arming

    When pressed, this button arms the system in Away Mode. It arms both the interior and exterior zones, allowing you to exit the premises until the exit delay timer expires.

  • Disarm

    When pressed, this button disarms the system and it clears the alarms, if any.

  • Panic

    When pressed, this button informs the alarm monitoring station about a panic situation.

Technical Specifications

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Battery Type Lithium Coin Battery (CR2032)
Capacity 210mAh
Nominal Voltage 3V
CPU 8 Bit Flash Microcontroller
Clock 26MHz
Operating Frequency 433MHz
Operating range 120 meters (line-of-sight)
Operational & Storage
Operating Temperature 0-50°C
Relative Humidity 10-90%, no condensation
Storage Temperature 0-50°C
Length 44mm
Width 34mm
Height 12mm